American Unity Party

Our beautiful country is the living proof of a simple truth: E Pluribus Unum. From many, one: One Flag, One Nation, One Culture From our fiery revolutionary roots we crafted a libertarian doctrine imbued with compassion, justice, and honor: All people are created equal. Note, we mean all people not some people. Race, creed, or color has no bearing upon the heart and soul of our neighbors, family, and friends. Many religious movements express these truths differently. A Christian would say, “Love thy neighbor” A Muslim may say, “The difficult path of virtue is defined as the path of charity or unselfish love.” A jew might express it differently, “Whoever is merciful to his fellowmen is certainly a child of Abraham” Finally, a Taoist refers to the Tao Te Ching, “Love is the fruit of sacrifice.” Indeed, these truths are self-evident and always have been. But sadly our politics don’t always reflect these universal moral laws. One might ask, “Why not?”

The American Unity Party strives to develop policies and infrastructure which express compassion, love, and dedication to our country’s people. The Golden Rule should be felt in our education, labor, economic, and political establishments. In short, this philosophy must penetrate into the very heart of America. The A.U.P wants to imbue the nation with the fundamental truths known and expressed by all peoples, everywhere, throughout time. By putting our community’s first, we come out ahead. As JFK said, “Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country.”

Our hearts and futures are tied to one another. Each individual brings enormous value to our country. The farmers provide sustenance and nutrition for our families. The workers help hold the foundation of our economy together and provide material for our needs. The business owners provide services, technologies, and goods which make our lives easier and more enjoyable. The wealthy philanthropically and humbly start-up charities for domestic and foreign aid - helping the ones in most dire need. Our teachers challenge our youth to think critically about the world. Giving them tools to express their individuality with greater breadth. Enabling them to make better choices in life and be filled with the joy of learning. Our officers keep our streets safe for our children. Each one of us plays a vital and pivotal role in the functioning of our strong and prosperous nation. Therefore, we cannot solely think of our own individual interests.

I say to you, every American feels pride, joy, and enthusiasm for their country when they sacrifice for the good of it. There is no higher moral challenge or reward than selflessness and sacrifice. These are the fundamental values of American Unitarians.
While the movement’s leaders are Christian, although we welcome all peaceful religions and creeds, we understand the supreme importance in the teachings of religious doctrine. We don’t all have to be Christian to love our neighbor and we don’t have to be Buddhists to feel compassion for all. After all, religious leaders have always preached action! How do we behave toward each other? How do we treat each other? What do we do when we’re faced with a seemingly difficult person? These actions and choices are the core of the AUP.


Not only do we express values, but we also take action upon them. That’s why our movement is working tirelessly to ensure our proposed policies are matched with demonstrable results. We plan to offer services to our members in line with our policies and values to begin making changes now. The American people have heard enough rhetoric. We now desire results. We don’t need to “hope” for change. We will become the change. The fact is this: The American people are in grave danger and have been for over a hundred years. We have been lied to, manipulated, and coerced since the beginning of the twentieth century! The founders of the country fought and died for a free nation. Our soldiers defended the moral imperatives of abolishing slavery. Our men at the front soak the soil with blood every time they’re called upon. Over 250 years of death, sacrifice, and suffering for a country devoid of moral standards, rampant crime and drug use, free pornography in every house, and a financial and political system which is totally divorced from the people’s interest but steals from us to bail out corporations! Our country is in decadent times, often compared to Babylon - a biblical city of perverted sin and corruption.


We demand to have our dignity restored and honor reclaimed for our beautiful country that has endured so much. We have a financial system literally designed to keep our government subservient and our people poor. We demand an end to the deep shame we have for our country’s condition. This is not the vision of America our gladiators at Normandy fought to defend. We absolutely and utterly wish to crush these evil systems of control and rebirth America in honor, valor, and dignity! Many of our people have to tolerate broken down huts and decrepit buildings rotting away as shelter. Often having to celebrate the smallest piece of land at exorbitant prices. A disgrace!

The obvious political scandals we have endured, some to the comically absurd shame of this country, could not have emerged in a unified nation rooted in dignity and morality. We must cut the problem at the source! The current establishments and institutions have become so compromised as to not even pretend to show concern for our people. Such a system begs to be stamped out! Our very politicians behave like pampered celebrities, eager for the spotlight and ideal camera angle. We demand to be represented by real politicians not failed wannabe actors!

The A.U.P has been constructed from a grounded and pragmatic frame of reference. It doesn’t originate from buzzwords or catchphrases but from real-life considerations. That makes our party entirely unique compared to every other political organization that merely props up empty and contradictory ideas. We value pragmatism because we value measurable results-driven strategies. We are currently working on the logistics of the policies we propose. The materials we hand out will be as detailed as we can possibly make them. We will not hide behind ambiguity or empty slogans. Kindly see our program below.

American Unity Party Program

• We demand the unification of all Americans to the ends of eliminating artificial ideological- cultural, gender, racial, and age divisions and therefore dismantling Marxist-style class warfare.
• In order to make it possible for every capable and hard-working American to obtain a greater education, and thus have the opportunity to obtain higher positions of both jobs and leadership positions, the nation must assume the responsibility of reorganizing the entire cultural system of the people. The curricula of all educational establishments shall be adapted to practical life. The philosophical doctrine of selflessness must be taught in the schools from the very beginning, at the expense of the state.
• We demand free and superior education, healthcare, and immediate measures taken to alleviate the preposterous debts incurred from education and healthcare institutions. We must invest in our youth as our very future will one day depend upon their judgment. This means the elimination of the Common Core curriculum immediately. A classical liberal education will be taught instead, incorporating Latin, Greek, and handwriting.
• We demand an immediate nationwide ban on all pornographic books, movies, and websites.
• Citizens shall not do any work that offends against the interest of the society’s economy, culture, or moral character as a whole.
• Although we respect the LGBT community and have considerable sympathy with the plights it has endured over the years while celebrating its achievement of becoming significantly more welcome in society as a whole, we have seen an extremely aggressive push to indoctrinate children with LGBT propaganda campaigns which compromise the relationship between parents and their children. We value the traditional family structure and believe parents should be the sole teachers of sex education for their children. Therefore, we demand LGBT propaganda to be removed from education programs. Adults can make their own informed decisions about their sexuality but it is not correct to foist LGBT propaganda unto vulnerable and defenseless children.
• We demand moral and modest standards for all art mediums (film, book, television series, commercial, advertising, etc) and immediate ban on displaying gore, lewd sexual desires, LGBT propaganda, and disturbing scenes of graphic violence.
• We demand a “Maternity Payment” to working and farming families upon the birth of their first and second child.
• We demand the farming class be given special financial attention to ensure its well being. Farmers are committing suicide out of desperation because of the stranglehold corporate interests have forced upon them. Therefore, large corporate interests must be dealt with to vouchsafe one of the most important groups of people in our entire nation: our farmers.
• We demand an aggressive domestic production initiative prioritizing the agricultural and working-class and economic re-negotiation with foreign nations.
• We demand the creation and maintenance of a strong middle-class, the immediate nationalization of large department stores which will be leased cheaply to small business people, and the strongest consideration must be given to ensure that small business people shall deliver the supplies and commodities needed by the State.
• We demand a generous increase in pensions for the elderly of age.
• We demand a war on “Deaths of Despair” that is, death by suicide, drug overdose, or alcohol-related liver disease.
• We firmly believe that it is the responsibility of the State to help raise the standard of national health by providing parenthood welfare centers, by increasing physical fitness through the introduction of state-funded gyms and by the highest possible encouragement of associations concerned with the physical education of the youth.
• We demand freedom for all religious faiths in the nation, insofar as they do not threaten the State's existence or offend the moral and good sense of this nation. The party as such represents the point of view of Christianity without binding itself to any one particular denomination. The Party fights against the corruption within our Nation, the hedonistic- materialist spirit and is convinced that a lasting recovery of our people can only come about from the principle of selflessness and communal good.
• We believe that those who are not citizens must live in America as foreigners and must be subject to the law of aliens.
• We demand an immediate repeal of all unconstitutional federal and state laws and legal practices that contribute to destroying the American family and separate fathers from their children.
• We believe that any further unchecked immigration of non-Americans should be immediately suspended in order to ensure the future security of our nation. We also demand all illegal aliens currently residing in our borders to be immediately deported whether they have children born here or not.
• We demand that there be an aggressive legal campaign upon those who propagate deliberate political lies and distribute them through the press. Our freedom of speech and of the press is vital but even more vital is the right to autonomy. Further:
(1) All financial interests in or in any way affecting American newspapers shall be forbidden to non-Americans by law, and we demand that the penalty for disobeying this law be the immediate suppression of the newspaper and the expulsion of these non-Americans from the United States. Newspapers transgressing against the common good of the community shall be subdued. We demand legal action against those tendencies in art and literature that have a negative influence upon the life of our people, and that any organizations that offend against the foregoing demands shall be dissolved. The Press will not be at liberty to tell lies about the Government or any State or instigate social, cultural, economic, geopolitical, or domestic class warfare.
Economic Platform
• We demand that the Government above all undertake to ensure that every citizen shall have the possibility of living decently and earning a comfortable livelihood.
• We demand Congress print the money of the United States as dictated in the Constitution: “Congress shall have the Power to Coin Money and Regulate the Value Thereof.”
• We demand an end to all usury and that anyone who practices usury is to be imprisoned, deported, or if such usury is directed towards the United States of America’s money supply, such an individual will be tried for treason.
• We demand the U.S. be engaged in barter-trade deals that exclude debt currencies in order to bolster our economy and foreign relations.
• We demand America should become more domestically independent and less dependent on the foreign industry thus protecting American workers from needless foreign competition.
• We demand that a ruthless war is waged against those who work to the impairment of the common welfare of our Nation. Traitors, exploiters, usurers, etc., are to be punished with imprisonment or death.
• We demand the immediate cessation of all food chemicals known to be hazardous, dangerous, or inimical to the citizen’s health and well being.
• We demand immediate cessation of the unethical financial relationship between doctors, physicians, and mental health professionals and pharmaceutical businesses.
• All corporate profit arising from war be regarded as treason. We, therefore, demand the total confiscation of all profits that arise from war thereby redistributing such funds back into our growing economy.
Foreign and Domestic Platform
• We believe in the right of the American people to choose their own government. The American people deserve a right to vote on major issues facing and affecting the nation as a whole. We therefore demand referendums and plebiscites.
• We demand an end to all foreign wars in which we have no business being in; which only comes at the cost of American lives and profit for politicians and corporations.
• We believe global cooperation is a national imperative and the U.S. has a moral obligation to sign the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) with Russia and other nations to ensure the future well being and prosperity of all interested nations. Nuclear weapons must be brought under diplomatic and ethical control.

• In order to carry out this program, we demand the creation of a new and strong Central Government, in which the government has unlimited authority over the whole nation and its organizations in general. We believe in the formation of professional organizations and committees representing the various estates of the Government, to ensure that the laws declared by the Central Government shall be carried out by all other States within the Greater American Union. The leaders of our party undertake to support the accomplishment of this aim to prevent corrupt politicians from lying and taking office leaving the people with little or no legitimate representation.
 These are what we desire for our country. The American Unity Party is for all Americans not some Americans. Together, we will work to build a better future for our children. A life of wealth, safety, honor, achievement, and cultural unity. It is not important that everyone agrees entirely with every dotted I or crossed T of our movement but rather, we find people who are willing to fight and struggle for a worldview, a vision.
 It seems everyone is allowed to speak of their rights and demands except the people who’s ancestors founded this country, to begin with! They are the ones who are told, “Shut up and get back to your miserable life!” Every four years we are forced to choose between two sadists and nothing ever changes. We only ever see superficial symptoms become temporarily remedied if at all! We are constantly told, “Things are getting better! Just wait!” But it never comes! They lie just long enough to hold and leave office while leaving us holding the problems, clamorous to be led to safety.
  This is not only immoral, it’s absolutely villainous and treasonous! We elect representatives in good faith that they will pursue our interests and they hardly ever meet the task! Vague hopes, broken promises, and never-ending suffering for our people who built this country from the ground up! We did not build this country for everyone else in the world: we built it for ourselves!
  We want our communities to rid themselves of the pestilence, crime, gangs, and dilapidated buildings.
  We envision communities rich in moral, architectural, and cultural expression.
  We want to walk down the streets and see well-groomed citizens proudly holding their heads high with enthusiasm for their country’s achievement.
  We want beautiful clean, green parks for our children to enjoy.
 We want to restore the importance and vitality to our local libraries to foster higher education standards for our youth.
 We want to afford dignified lifestyles. We want our self-respect to be seen in our dress, mannerisms, and speech.
 We want prosperity, health, and dignified dwellings!
 We want to feel secure in our money and banking systems.
 We want to own our country and not be made to feel like invaders in our own land!
 We are not the ones who should feel shame or guilt! Join us and help rebirth America into an age of glory, morality, prosperity, and true liberty for all people.
Help end the corruption and lies!
Help rebuild the America our people have died to defend!