The Birth of National Populism

What is National Populism?


National Populism aims to achieve two primary goals:


1) Unite people within a nation under common cultural values and standards.


2) Concern itself primarily with the welfare of the populace.


  For this to be accomplished, National Populism assumes two corollary principles:


1) Love thy neighbor as yourself.


2) Put the community’s interest before your own.


  Through simple extension, via Immanuel Kant, we apply these principles to every facet of societal life and come to a simple, coherent, and just national form. In this way, the national community becomes a family of citizens performing mutually complementary roles for society. Whether we look at the homeless or business owners, each person contributes in their own way to the well being of the group. For example, even though homeless individuals can be a sign of national deterioration, they provide a reminder that as long as one of us suffers, we all suffer. They ring the bell of divine compassion within our hearts and momentarily take us away from our comparatively petty everyday concerns.

What is the value of Nationalism?


  We see nationalism as the best and morally superior method to bring our diverse people together and align our focus to common goals that vouchsafe the future of our country. The group is the most natural collaboration of individuals to help protect their common interests and survival. A nationalist recognizes the value and beauty of the united effort between people in their words and actions.Nationalism is the most moral societal worldview because it embraces love for oneself and people, thereby making it possible to love and respect others. If my American pride allows me to love my people then I will certainly hold the Japanese in high regard for their Japanese pride! Sure, there will always be disagreements and conflict. This can be nothing short of reality. However, the point of life isn’t to fearfully avoid conflict but courageously confront it so as to find a workable solution for all parties. In this sense, nationalism is the best way to preserve global tolerance, diplomacy, and peace.


  The love of our country concerns every man, woman, and child. Nationalism does not belong to some special class or elite circle. As long as our people are divided, this profound commitment to one’s land cannot be attained. Therefore, we aim to aggressively obliterate all division! When walls separate our people, we will be the ones to tear it down! The compassionate and loving music of God shall travel to every ear in our nation! We must regain faith in our own morality, faith in our people, and faith in our country. At the end of the day, we are nationalists because we love America. This love inspires us with a protective instinct to fight against anyone who dares harm it.


  If a liberal proclaims, “Nationalists are racist!”, they simply mean the seeming exclusion of others into our circle of compassion. But as stated previously, nationalism is the very thing that cultivates compassion and understanding towards others! If we take a breath and exercise patience, we can explain to liberals that nationalism does not devalue any other nation or culture in the world! Instead, nationalism wants to see every nation rise to its full potential and is even willing to help through appropriate foreign policies developed with the right nations at the right time. If the liberal understands this, even they will become enamored with this truly magnificent land we are so very blessed to be a part of and will eagerly join our fight to save it from destruction!

 What is the value of Populism?

  We believe populism to be the very driving force behind society’s concern with its own people. Only through a deep understanding of our own people can we unite and free ourselves from political enslavement and abuse. Populism shows its power only through a total fighting, unstoppable energy of a newly awakened nationalism. Without nationalism populism is a little more than a nice idea. But joined with nationalism it is absolutely our most powerful force for a better future and life! The life we desperately desire and have been promised but have thus far never tasted!We are populists because the welfare of our people is not a pithy political slogan or shallow soundbite. Populism is about morality and equality for all people, not some people.


  Over the years corporate profits have skyrocketed but wages never keep up! Our workers have a self-evident right to a standard of living that fairly correlates to what they have produced! Therefore, embracing our workers is not only absolutely vital for them but also for the entire national economy. We will not politely ask for this right. We are demanding this right and if we are refused, we shall take it with our own power! Our patience has been completely depleted. No longer do we care about how “hard” it is for our politicians. No longer do we want to hear condescending explanations of the “complexity” of politics. Nonsense! Do your job or get out! We will not foot the bill for people to lie to us any longer!


  Our fight takes aim at deranged liberals and all globalist entities who are enemies of freedom! Such is the value of populism!


What do National Populists want?

  First and foremost, we desire a restoration of American pride, morality, and honor. Honor and morality are the foundation of any people’s community. Losing our American spirit is the true cause of the loss of our rights. We want good-paying work for every productive citizen. Pay should be according to accomplishment not corporate greed! That will stop the senseless fighting between employer and employee today.


  We then must meet the critical needs of the people. Provide work for those 5.8 million willing to work! Give the farmers land and the rights to cultivate it without harassment or molestation from corporations and banks! We must focus on domestic production and manufacturing while renegotiating with our foreign allies through barter trade agreements. We further demand peace among workers. Each should do his duty for the good of the whole community. The state then has the responsibility of protecting the individual, guaranteeing him the fruits of his labor. The people’s community must not be an empty slogan, but a fiery achievement from aggressively securing the basic needs of the working class. We demand the return of faith in economic life. The complete reform of the corporate bailout injustices that have stolen from millions of Americans their money, property, and sadly, often their very life through desperate suicide. We want the right of Americans before immigrants. Americans always will have a legal preference over foreigners. Period!


  If these demands and aspirations resonate with you, join our fight! We will struggle together, cry together, have our hearts broken together, but in the end we will celebrate Victory Together!