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  The American Unity Party is unlike any political movement in American history. The A.U.P ends with ultra practical policies but we begin with the spirit of the individual. An individual’s character determines the decisions they make. If we want our political leadership to make outstanding decisions, they must have an adequate character. The values that make up character are simply ideas. An idea cannot be bullied or destroyed. An idea cannot be held hostage or assassinated. Ideas are as flexible and formless as water yet they are the source of all our strength, focus, and righteous determination. Ideas rest in the souls of humanity. Therefore, that is where we must begin: in our people’s heart.


When we hear someone articulate the innermost feelings of our hearts, a surge of electricity pulses through our body: “Yes! That is exactly how I feel!” Such is the aim of the A.U.P’s policies. We don’t promise change through 'fiscal policy’. We don’t swear the change will happen with more corrupt welfare programs that hurt the impoverished. We don’t stand before people and give our word that we will help them. We don’t wish to separate ourselves from “the people”. Instead we say, “Americans! Let’s Unite and help ourselves!” If those in power won’t give us our freedom then we will get it ourselves! Because that is a goal rooted in morality and true social justice. That is an idea planted in the hearts of every man, woman, and child in this country. Therefore that is where we begin: in the correct ethical standards to which we hold ourselves accountable.


The AUP takes this idea to its precise logical conclusion. We apply this concept to our economy, business practices, media, arts, foreign policy, cultural standards etc. We don’t judge television programs based on their hilarity or emotional evocation. Instead we ask, “Is this program good for my people? Does it strengthen them or degrade them? Are these images inspiring the best in all of us or are they sinking us ever deeper into perverted decay?” These are the questions an American Unitarian asks.


We wish to improve on everything that makes us compassionate, kind, strong, virtuous, proud, and honorable. Likewise, we wish to rid our culture of everything decadent, disgusting, perverted, insipid, course, and crude. The American Unity Party doesn’t want cultural debasement, we demand cultural refinement. We follow in the tradition of Christ when we love our neighbor as ourselves. We follow the tradition of the philosopher Kant when we apply our moral laws universally to all aspects of our nation. And we follow the path of righteousness when we fight unyielding against the rampant national defilement our brave soldiers sacrificed their lives to prevent! Such is the spirit of our movement.


The very heart of politics concerns measurable actions that create the conditions that will enable the people to build a dignified life, to defend said life, to go forth and multiply, and to secure freedom, safety, education, and prosperity for its youth. We must come together, manual workers, salaried professionals, retail and services representatives, and engineers! When we accomplish this, we will all see plainly and clearly, who in this country truly loves their beautiful and triumphant nation. That is when even our children will clutch their hands around America’s destiny once again! We will build for them an American legacy to last.

    As such, we recognize sound politics must, by necessity develop a strong economy. The reverse is true: a strong, powerful economy is also the result of outstanding political policies and leadership. Our economy is weakening no matter how many holes are plugged. Our past leadership has proven it cared not one iota for the people. Therefore, contemporary America does not engage in the true nature of politics. Our economy is based off debt instruments which accrue interest that must be paid. Such a system is a disaster. It’s an obvious political blunder to have enacted such a system and strategic victory for the private corporate banks! A true economy doesn’t believe money-value can be created out of thin air. Instead, if one desires money, one must work. If one has no money but desires goods, he must trade whatever goods he has available to circumvent currency exchange. Labor creates prosperity, not debt!

  These two principles are at the heart of American Unitarian Economics. Our congress should print money, our people should have the right to produce labor, and then should be paid according to the fruits of their labor. We consider interest itself to be deeply immoral because it implies financial entitlement without having produced labor. However, someone's labor must be used to pay the interest. Therefore, interest is simply creating wealth off the backs of other people! These parasitical elements must be eliminated.


Every man, woman, and child is entitled to the product of their own initiative, labor, sweat, and effort. Anything less is theft. We consider labor to be the source of all creative genius, innovation, and technological insight. Much like how necessity is the "mother" of all invention. Labor to us is more than race, ethnicity, country of origin, economic strata, or philosophical worldview. For American Unitarians, labor free from theft and molestation is the very lifeblood of national achievement!


The situation of current economics is thus: vast numbers of are Americans forced to sell their labor at the lowest wage possible! Why? Because payroll is the largest expense for any company. Consequently, American workers feel betrayed and marginalized by their very country which allows this to happen president after president. Is it any surprise that people feel divided? You have one group (business owners) that wish to perpetuate the problem for their profit and the other group (workers) who desperately wish to change it. This creates a crash course between employer and employee. How can such a situation unite these two people into feeling immense pride and joy about being American? The answer isn't Marxist class warfare. The answer is American Unity! These people must be brought together in nationalist harmony. They must value each other as integral parts of our national community. Our laws and policies must reflect this fact.


The very money needed to live is undermined and stolen from the laborers. Even worse is when business owners hire illegal immigrants to do their work. Treason! Such American pride these owners must feel if they’re so willing to throw their own people under the freight train of joblessness and suffering! We are quite different from contemporary political parties. We don’t want to sell, speak, debate, vote, or promise our program. We wish to put it into action. People will know our promises have been fulfilled by looking at their clean communities, heft paychecks, and swelling pride in their hearts. We are building a movement which will one day take back our liberties. We will then carry out our policies and strategies for the betterment of our communities. We no longer believe in the fraud of political parties. It is nothing more than a huge system of exploitation that condescends to the American people. A politician nowadays is a drone living off the American taxpayers. Politics is a restless hornets nest. Although their sting penetrates into the nerves of the nation, it is a hundred times better paid. The money and prosperity of the people is utterly wasted. When the politicians want something from us, we are the free and sovereign people that exercises its will through its elected representatives. When we want something from them, we are "racists" or “useless eaters” to quote Kissinger. That is what they call democracy.


We don’t want a revolution, we need unity! A revolution overthrows an old world order and builds a new one. At their core, revolutions are the fruits of all creative and free peoples! It is an attempt to construct better liberty for a better future.

True, we lack the means to complete this task. The current Marxist infected society has weapons, the press, propaganda, congress, majority, money, and power. But there is one thing they’ll always lack, the most important thing that every working person has felt in their core, the source for the power that keeps the tired muscles pushing even when all energy is spent in order to complete the task:

We have an unconquerable, triumphant will!


Our will shall blaze in the darkest of hours to light our way to certain victory. That is our spirit and that is our philosophy.

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